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    About Us

BeiLe Inflatables Co., Limited

We sell custom designed inflatable products in many styles

    Cartoon Characters,
    Air dancers,
    Jumping Castles and so on.
    Various other product shapes are available

For many years now we have been providing top quality products produced with the utmost care with your safety at the for front of our quality control.
Our excellent International and domestic reputation within the Inflatable products industry has proven that we take that extra care to ensure our products are the very highest quality.

We have the very latest multi facetted and novel designs which are excellent for all your advertising needs.
Our most popular designs continue to maintain our unsurpassed quality control, and competitive prices.

   With our excellent product quality, sincere and friendly customer service, and vast experience within the export industry, our reputation for fast efficient delivery and our excellent reputation stands alone as the best in inflatable’s.

   Our mission is to maintain the highest standards and business principals and to be at the fore front of Technology so we can continue to provide a superior competitive product and pricing, and most importantly a quality service to all our customers.

   We never stop trying!

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